NBA Playoff Results For Last Year

With the NBA playoffs on, I thought I would go through a quick review of some of the NBA playoff and NHL playoff results of the past couple of years. For those who don’t follow the regular season, many times we look back to see how we did as fans. Maybe we wish we would have done better.

nba playoff results 2015

The NHL playoffs continue to be exciting for fans as each team is chasing the other in hopes of getting the hockey holy grail of the Stanley Cup. Every year we are treated to the exciting basketball games that take place while watching the NHL playoff games.

The basketball games are so exciting that fans really didn’t like the NHL hockey finals. This seems to be the general consensus of many fans. I feel that this can be due to some overrated teams and some underwhelming teams.

I think there are a few reasons why the NHL hockey playoffs are a disaster. First, the NBA has a better schedule with all the games on nights and weekends when no one else is watching. The NBA playoffs were on Sunday and a Saturday night. With only seven games to go in the NBA, this was just not enough for many people.

Second, the NHL playoffs have too many games and not enough time to follow them. For many fans this is very frustrating as they try to get it all in one game.

The NHL hockey playoff games often overlap with football games, which means you must miss out on the best game of the year. Although this is a problem for basketball fans, it is more of a problem for basketball fans. It’s important to watch both sports, but it just makes it harder to get it all in one game.

It seems that the NHLhockey playoffs and NBA basketball finals overlap in all the wrong ways. We really need to fix this because it’s costing us money. In order to avoid this type of duplication, there needs to be time slots set aside for NBA basketball finals and NHL hockey playoffs.

Both NBA and NHL basketball finals should be on different nights. People want to watch both, but there just isn’t enough time. I hope this helps answer your question, what are NBA playoff results for last year?