How to Predict the NBA Draft Lottery Results

NBA draft lottery results are one of the most exciting parts of the basketball world. You see, the lottery is a numbers game. That’s right, the players that place high in the draft every year literally get lucky. If you think about it for a second, there are more people that will win the lottery that will never even play in it. So if they are so lucky why do they keep doing it?

nba draft lottery results by year

In order to have a better understanding of how these results work and why they affect the outcome, you need to first know how the system works. Each lottery program is assigned a point value whenever you pick a player, and then that number is subtracted when your team wins or misses the target. That’s why it’s called a “lottery treadmill”.

The point systems have been going on for several years now, but they’ve been adjusted to what they are today. As time goes by the computers get smarter and the calculations become more accurate. Plus as teams continue to add players to their roster the chances of them winning get higher. So the game becomes tougher and the chances of winning get better.

It’s easy to see how the results can either help or hurt your team. ambien vs zopiclone online For example, let’s say that you’re a team that has been steadily gaining ground in the Central division. The draft lottery results may have your team finishing fourth or fifth, but if they win the top seed and play into the Eastern Conference, they’ll be right in the playoffs. On the other hand, let’s say that your team is sitting at number six and you win the first seed in the West. Well, your playoff odds take a huge hit, you’ll likely be out of the playoffs entirely.

But how does this have any bearing on who the winner is? Well, there’s really no way to determine this, but it does make things a little easier. If your team is playing in the weakest division, the picks that they receive doesn’t really mean anything. Players that are consistently producing for a good team are going to win the lottery more often.

It’s all a matter of averages. The more a player plays and the better he gets at his job, the more likely he is to win the NBA lottery. Hopefully these NBA draft lottery results will help you form some winners with your own team.