NBA Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery is an annual event which draws millions of sports bettors and enthusiasts. A good number of folks are so obsessed with NBA that they go to great lengths just to be able to attend the lottery. Most NBA players are immensely popular, especially during their prime, so this leads people to be very keen about who will get their pick in this years’ NBA Draft Lottery. There is no doubt that all NBA players will be in the mix when it comes to a top 3 pick, but which teams will have a greater chance of obtaining that coveted top pick?

nba draft lottery 2015 results

The Eastern Conference has been the powerhouse this season for the NBA’s Central Division. The Pistons and Bulls are consistently solid teams, although the Bucks have surprised many with their strong start to the season. The Pistons have been absolutely phenomenal since acquiring Ben Wallace and Jack Moore from the Cavaliers. They have also added Al Harrington, Tayshaun Price, and a bevy of young talent to acquire Wallace and Moore, thus positioning themselves to potentially become a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference once again. The Bulls, on the other hand, have been somewhat less successful, especially after trading Luoluce Ball to the Rockets for P.J. Brown and a first round draft pick.

The Western Conference, as you might expect, is much tighter than the Eastern Conference. One of the most interesting teams to watch in the West is the Dallas Mavericks, who lost three of their last four. The Mavs are without their best player, Dirk Nowitzki, who is leading the team in scoring at a remarkable 18.5 ppg. Nowitzki will be missed, as he is one of the premier offensive players in the game, but this is the type of year that can turn things around for this team. Nerlens Inglis, a first-round draft pick, has shown glimpses of his potential, and the addition of a big-time center such as Dewayne Dedmon makes this a formidable unit.

The Los Angeles Lakers is another team to keep an eye on in this year’s NBA draft. The Lakers are loaded with talented young players, particularly on the defensive end where the likes of Julius Randle, Carlos Boozer, Jordan Hill, and Kobe Bryant should combine to form a powerful interior presence. The starting lineup, as usual, features one great player and another average player, and the Lakers are likely to take the top prize if they can find a way to get good players at the right price. It’s too early to make any predictions, but I certainly expect them to do well in the lottery.

One player to keep an eye on in the Eastern Conference is Boston’s Ray Allen, who is coming off one of the best seasons in his career. Allen has become one of the best post players in the league, providing excellent defense on both ends of the floor and a reliable spot-up shooting percentage. The Celtics need to add a proven big-time player either via trade or the draft in order to ensure continuity moving forward. Even if Allen doesn’t pan out, the team has some quality youngsters such as rookie Rashard Lewis and second-year man Evan Turner that could develop into decent players.

If the West’s top team doesn’t win the lottery, you have to expect the Los Angeles Lakers to at least reach the top three. With stars such as Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Steve Francis, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them take the top spot. If the playoffs are out of their reach, however, there’s no reason for them to worry. They’ve developed a number one option in center Jason Thompson, who is bringing solid play to the paint on a nightly basis. They’ll continue to attract big names with the picks they make and should continue to cruise down the Eastern Conference ladder.