Follow The NBA Draft Lottery Results 2021

If you are a basketball fan, then you surely must be quite excited with the NBA draft lottery results. This is the first major event that will determine who will be playing in the L.A. Lakers next season. In previous years, the L.A. Lakers has always been one of the favorites in the NBA draft lottery. But why do they end up as the losing team more than the winning team?

nba draft lottery results 2012

Well, the drafting process of the L.A. Lakers has been somewhat problematic. For instance, Kobe Bryant was taken over by the Houston Rockets where he joined a number of talented players. During his time in Houston, he even formed a special relationship with NBA star Tracy McGrady. However, after the two stars were traded to the Orlando Magic, Kobe seemingly lost all confidence in his skills and performance. That is why many experts say that the lack of trust on the part of the senior Kobe has been one of the main reasons for the downfall of the team.

Aside from the fact that Kobe Bryant was ineffective during the team’s run last season, there is also the issue of the lack of quality players available in the NBA draft lottery. Many people say that the fact that only fourteen teams get to participate in the actual NBA draft lottery makes it much less interesting than the regular season. Just imagine how boring it would be if every team in the league had the same chances of winning the lottery as the Lakers do. The result would simply be the same.

Furthermore, statistics reveal that the teams that have the highest chances of winning the NBA draft lottery are the ones that have several key players or are seasoned players themselves. There is no reason why a team can’t win with a combination of veterans and young players. It may take a while before a team can develop a good nucleus with the right amount of star players, but it can definitely happen. That is why teams that have stars such as Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul should still have a high chance of winning the NBA lottery.

One of the most interesting factors about the NBA draft lottery is the constant changes made to the picks that are distributed each year. Each time a player is selected, his place in the lottery is changed. So how can anyone keep track of all these changes? Most of us are so used to watching ESPN or ABC that we fail to notice the changes that take place. Thanks to modern day technology, you can now follow along with the latest NBA lottery picks as they are announced by the various teams.

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