Please Support CV News in 2015

We rely on your donations to keep our server online and expand our ability to resonate the truth.

Each year, we ask for your donations to pay our hosting bill which includes our server, domains, and upgrades.  In addition, you may donate directly to any member of CV News by clicking on the donation link on their hosted page.

Over the past three years, CV News has grown in size, respect, and reach, however our server is almost full!

Here is the plan:

  • Purchase 1 VPS server for another year
  • register URL for ten more years (Google is sandboxing our search results)

Our new server will need plenty of power and memory as we are adding two new major additions to CV News:

  • Google is about to block our Google Earth app (NPAPI deprecation in Chrome) so we are going to develope a Cesium JS (WebGL) 3D climate viewing app to replace Climate Viewer 3D.  Our new server will need to be real fast to serve this bleeding-edge technology and bring it to you for free, no ads.
  • We are adding a social media alternative to our site that is open-source and backed by the Climate Viewer privacy policy “we barely care what you do and no we will not share or sell your info, EVER.”  We are creating our own Facebook alternative to help our activist community resonate their message sans censorship and snitching.

Our goals:

  • $2,000 renews our current server with a little extra space, adds extra CPU and RAM to the server (meaning it won’t slow down).
  • $3,000 or more insures we can purchase a superb SSD-based server.

Please donate today, we have to pay the bills by January 28, 2015.
Thank you for supporting us the past three years!

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